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Use this contact form to send a quick message or any questions that you may have. We'll answer it as soon as possible... often within the hour during normal business hours (PDT - Los Angeles Time.)

Please include PayPal or 'order email' address if requesting support for an order or login issue.

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  • Can I use PayPal to pay for my order?

    Yes. Just Click Here and choose your package. You will see the option to pay with PayPal on the order form.

  • Is this a digital download?

    If you order just the movie, you will receive a physical DVD shipped to your door as well as a digital version of the movie, digital workbook and an MP3 of the movie for you to enjoy until your DVD arrives.

    If you order the complete program, you also have the option of having a physical DVD of the movie shipped to your door. The rest of the package is a digital download.

  • What's included in the complete package?

    The complete package includes digital versions of the following;
    - 21 video interviews with the guests of the movie that you can stream or download
    - 21 downloadable MP3s that you can download to your device so you can listen on the go
    - 21 transcripts of the interviews
    - 21 workbooks that highlight the important parts of the interview and includes exercises (if provided) that the guests discussed in their interview.
    - Downloadable version of the movie
    - The Abundance Factor Workbook to go with the movie
    - MP3 of the movie
    - 10 coaching sessions with 10 of the guests in the movie delivered once a month for 10 months

    4 Bonuses from our guests...
    - Dana Wilde's Train Your Brain For Entrepreneurial Success
    - Carol Tuttle's 4 MP3 pack
    - Joe Vitale's "Attract Money Now" eBook
    - Avaiya's "Think Program"

    You also have an option to get a physical DVD of the move for just the cost of shipping.

  • I would like to order larger quantities than what is on the site. Can I get a discount?

    Yes! Discounts are available for orders over 10. Please contact us through this form for pricing.

  • Will the coaching be recorded if I miss the live event?

    Yes! Coaching sessions will be recorded and posted in the member area for your convenience.

  • Will it be translated into different languages?

    We don't have any immediate plans for translating into other languages at this time. But possibly in the future if we receive enough requests.

  • Do you have an affiliate program?

    Yes we do. Please go here to find out more:

  • Will this play in DVD players outside of US and Canada?

    In most cases yes. Over the last few years, DVD technology has been updated to be more consistent throughout the world. So as long as you have purchased your DVD player in the last few years, there should be no problem playing the movie.

  • Do I have to download everything or will it be available online forever?

    You can either download everything or access it all through the site. The site will be up indefinitely.

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Quick Answers


I Can't Login? I lost My Login Info? I didn't Get My Login Info? What Should I Do?

Login details get sent automatically by the system to the email address you purchased through. If you did not get your login details via email, it probably hit your spam box. Sadly one of the hassles that comes with 'helpful' modern technology :-)

But no worries, we will get you fixed up asap... Simply go here:

Enter the 'email' address you used to purchase with and click "recover password". The system will send you a password within moments.

Finally go here to login using your email and recovered password:

And You Are All Set!


I Can't See The the Videos... What Should I do?

We have thousands of customers accessing the members area everyday. So It probably has to do with the state of your web browser.

Here are several quick fixes to reset your web browser...

#1 Close all web browsers on your system and re-logging in should resolve the issue.

Rebooting your computer is not necessary, but it will ensure that your web browsers have all been closed completely.

On many mobile devices like a cell phone or iPad, the browser doesn't actually get closed, it just gets pushed back out of the way. Holding the power button on such a device for several seconds will force it to reboot, again ensuring that all browsers get closed completely and reset.

#2 Clear your web browser cache

This is also known in some web browsers as "Browsing History".

Depending on which web browser you are using, it can often be found under "Settings > Internet Options > General Tab > Browsing History >" then click the "Delete" button.

#3 Another alternative is to use a different web browser, different than what you are currently using

Using a new browser will ensure that it's not some type of virus or malware messing up your browser. There are several options: Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari